What’s Wrong With People….and Me?

At the end of this long day, I find myself disgruntled with people. That happens more and more these days. People don’t live up to my expectations, but why should they? They are MY expectations and nothing they should have to live up to. The older I get, the more disappointed I get in people. Let’s take politics. How did we come to this place in our country in July of 2019? We have an incompetent, possibly criminal President and a Senate who is so determined to be re-elected so that they may continue to line their pockets with the money of lobbyists that they will do nothing to help remove him from office. Then, we have the opposition party, the Democrats, split into two factions which probably will mean they can’t defeat the incumbent President in November 2020. The Democrats should know that such a progressive agenda will never fly in the Land of Trump. There aren’t that many years of my life left. I don’t relish spending four more of them under the Man who would be Dictator.

Author: R.M. Carlson

Freelance writer, blogger, aspiring novelist

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